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Offering our users an authentic fantasy cricket experience is something we take great pride in. We aspire to achieve perfection to immerse our users in the world of fantasy cricket.
Inclusive community
In our fantasy cricket community, we have supportive and inclusive users. Our community is willing to help those who are having any questions or issues with fantasy cricket.
Interactive Play
We take great pride in being the place where you can Immerse yourself in the game like never before. Make real-time choices, connect with fellow fans, and dive into the thrill of cricket. It's your picks, it's your game.
Customer-support at its finest
We have a strong customer support team that is available 24/7 in order to assist our customers. Prompt resolution of customer grievances are of a top priority to us.
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Pursuit for consistent improvement

Welcome to Crickets Live, where dreams and cricket collide in a world of limitless possibilities! Our platform allows you to create your own dream team of players and compete against other cricket fans. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the spirit of cricket.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become the ultimate destination for fantasy cricket enthusiasts worldwide.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a thrilling and immersive experience to cricket enthusiasts.
Our Goal
Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable fantasy cricket experience.

Offering holistic FC experience

We allow users to customize the scoring system based on their preferences, giving them more control over how points are awarded for various player performances.

Adding more game modes and UI improvements to our FC platform has been an ongoing process since our inception. This is driven by our passion for consistent improvement.

We at Crickets Live help our users make skillful decisions for their fantasy teams by providing expert analysis and insights on player form, pitch conditions, and team plans.

Simplicity and excitement go hand in hand. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy. Manage your lineup and build your dream team effortlessly in fantasy cricket.

We have daily challenges or mini-games where users can earn more points based on their team's performance in specific aspects of the game, adding an extra layer of competition.

At Crickets Live, our fantasy draft feature allows users to take turns selecting players from a predetermined pool, adding a skillful element and enhancing the competitiveness of the game.

Choose your fantasy cricket squad by selecting players from real-life teams. Your team's performance depends on how well your chosen players perform in actual matches.

Participate in a wide variety of contests, including daily, weekly, and season-long leagues, to cater to different preferences and playing styles. Enjoy the true potential of fantasy cricket.

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An overview of Crickets Live experience

I have been playing fantasy cricket on Crickets Live for months now and I'm completely hooked. The platform is highly user-friendly, the matches are exciting, and the competition is fierce which makes participating in contests more thrilling


Crickets Live is hands down the best fantasy cricket platform out there in the market as far as I am concerned. The interface is smooth, and the variety of leagues and tournaments keeps me highly engaged. I surely recommend it


At Crickets Live, they focus on offering a fantastic fantasy cricket experience. The variety of game modes, the winnings, as well as the option to play with friends make it even more enjoyable. It is a great platform for cricket lovers


If I have to say, when it comes to customer support and engaging contests, Crickets Live is on a league of its own. Not only are the various contests fun and immersive, Crickets Live also brings new games through regular updates which is an added advantage


From years of playing fantasy cricket, I can now say that Crickets Live is my go-to platform for fantasy cricket. It is very reliable and ever since I started using it, I have been able to enjoy the game of cricket to a greater extent. It is a must try platform for cricket lovers


Out of many fantasy cricket websites, Crickets Live is a refreshing fantasy cricket platform that focuses solely on offering an immersive experience to the users. The simplicity of the interface and the exciting gameplay make it a great platform for cricket fans.


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By clicking on the download button on the platform's home page, you can download Crickets Live on your device.
Enter details
When you sign in, you will be prompted to provide all the necessary information so that your account can be verified.
Compete for winnings
Participate in contests and stand a chance to win based on your fantasy team's performance.
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Tips & Tricks
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Options Galore

Pitch your dream team, dominate competition

In a mega contest held by Crickets Live, the total number of players that can participate is 100. Experience the thrill of mega contests and start enjoying.
Mega Contest
Get in the spirit of competition with our hot contest. 50 players will be able to take part in our hot contests and enjoy without any limitations seamlessly.
Hot Contest
Experience the thrill of fantasy cricket with our head to head contests. Compete with other individuals in this personalized experience of fantasy cricket.
Head To Head Contest
This is one of the best options for a cricket lover to enter the fantasy cricket world. Get a taste of the fantasy cricket experience with our low-entry contest.
Low-Entry Contest
With a maximum player list of up to 100 players, our contest of champions puts your cricketing knowledge and skills to the ultimate test.
Contest for champion
Mini leagues are a great way for you to start a private tournament and enjoy it with your friends and family. Find new levels of excitement with our mini league.
Mini League

We’ve got answers

How do I create a fantasy cricket team?

At Crickets Live, to create a fantasy cricket team, simply sign in to your account, navigate to the contest you want to participate in, and select the players you want for your squad within the designated salary cap and start enjoying. We have made the entire process seamless.

How are fantasy cricket points calculated?

Fantasy cricket points are calculated based on various player statistics, such as runs scored, wickets taken, catches, and more. It is important to keep in mind that each action by a player earns or deducts points according to the scoring rules defined for the contest.

Would customer support be able to assist me with gameplay?

Absolutely! We have a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 for any assistance with team selection, score calculation, or any other issues you may have regarding gameplay, you can count on our team to help you out.

When I make a transaction on your website, is my payment information secure?

Yes, your payment information remains completely secure with us . Your details are protected using advanced encryption technology, guaranteeing a safe and secure transaction.

What is the best way to play fantasy cricket? Do I need to be an expert?

The wonderful thing about fantasy cricket is that almost anyone can play it, but it is very helpful if you have a solid understanding of what cricket is all about before you start playing. You will pick up new skills along the way, and with some practice, you will become a better player in no time at all.

Does selecting players from a single team have any restrictions?

There may be certain restrictions based on leagues, but players from any team can often be selected for different matches. It should be noted, however, that if a team doesn't perform well, having too many players from that team might limit your scoring potential.

Points Table

Play like a true scholar

Points Scored For T20 ODI Test T10
Each wicket taken (except run-out) 25 25 16 25
Every Caught and Bowled 33 33 24 33
Every Maiden over Bowled 8 4 NA 16
2 wicket-streak by one bowler NA NA NA 8
3 wicket-streak by one bowler NA NA NA 16
4 wicket-streak by one bowler 8 4 4 NA
5 wicket-streak by one bowler 16 8 8 NA
Points Scored For T20 ODI Test T10
Every Runs Scored 1 1 1 1
Every Boundary hit 1 1 1 1
Every six hit 2 2 2 2
Every century (100 runs) 16 8 8 NA
Every half century (50 runs) 8 4 4 16
Every 30 runs NA NA NA 8
Every dismissal for a duck (zero runs) -2 -3 -4 -2
Points Scored For T20 ODI Test T10
Every catch 8 8 8 8
Stumping/Run-out effected (Direct) 12 12 12 12
Run-out effected (Thrower/Catcher) 8/4 8/4 8/4 8/4

Key Points

  • The captain gets 3x points, and the vice-captain gets 2x points.

  • A super over or super five is not credited.

  • Points do not change when rain delays start time.

  • Low strike rates do not result in negative points for test matches.

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